In Memoriam


When an animal dies that has been especially close to
someone here,
that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends
so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our
friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored
to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made
whole and strong again,
just as we remember them in our dreams of days
and times gone by.
The animals are happy and content, except for one
small thing; they each miss someone very special to them,
who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when
one suddenly stops and looks into the distance.
His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers.
Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying
over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special
friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion,
never to be parted again.
The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands
again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into
the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life
but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...

EC Silane Durandal

born 17. September 2001 - died 28. Mai 2013

Only a few days after the unexpected death of Europa we lost our beloved Silane...

Silane was operated during the last years several times with different kinds of cancer.

The last operation at Oktober 2012 - once more at the mammary line - was very hard and she didn't recover very well.

In May the cancer came back and she was to weak to fight once more against it...

We've lost a wonderful girl.

IC Divine Light's Europa

born 20. April 2007 - died 20. Mai 2013

We can't believe it.... we've lost our swedish princess

Europa died 10 days after the birth of her son Magnus on the results of an anemia.

We are not able to understand what happend at all - the dreadful fate is that we can't stop the progress of the disease.

We've did everything that was possible on earth - but we were not able to help her...

We miss her so much - but not all tears on earth will bring her back...

But a part of her soul and her character will live on in her sons Leif, Lille and Magnus.

EC Aramis av Myrkwid

born 14. September 1998 - died 27. September 2012


Today is the sadest day in our life - our Aramis crossed the rainbowbridge.

We've lost once more the fight against cancer.

In July our vet had diagnosed a mutation at the small intestine.

Further analysis showed out, that it was an inoperable tumor.

We've tried to create the last weeks of his life as pleasant as possible - before we've reached the point of no return.

Aramis passed away at 27th September 2012 surrounded by his whole family.

We will miss him endlessly - he is the kitten from our first litter who catched our soul immediately.

He gave his unique and lovely temper to his children and grandchildren.

But his sweet temper will never be reached again.

No other male will be like him.

Now he is reunited with his beloved Purzel again.

With those both guys an era went to its end.

This very special team of guys will keep a very special place in our heart forever - only the one who is forgotten will be dead forever.

GIC & GIP Bjoern-Soelfaks av Thy

born 29th September 1995 - died 29th March 2011

Our first "Norvegian Love" is gone...
Today our beloved "Soelfaks" crossed the rainbow-bridge.
With him, everything had started - he was our first Norwegian Forestcat; and with him we fall in love with this breed.
All the years we've spend together were sometimes not easy.
But we went through all sorrows and pain.
But every life comes to its end...
You passed away in my armes.... surrounded by your family.
I know - it was the only way to protect your for further hurts and pain - but I miss you so much.


born September 1994 - died 17. Februar 2010

There are no words to describe our loss.
There are so many years we had together.
An endless number of wonderful moments.
Endless confidence.
Endless love.
Nearness & intimacy.
Without you, nothing will ever be the same.
We will always love you and we are very thankful
that you were our friend.

Our beloved Purzel suffered on a tumor of the melt which was inoperable.

Everything has its own time,
the time of love,

of joy and luck,
the time of sorrow and agony.
Its all over. The love stays.
Everything has its own time,
There is a time of silence,
a time of pain and mourning,
but a time of grateful memory.

Every growing is a dying,
every becoming is a to pass away,

every dead is a reviving.

Purzels Life in pictures


born September 1993 - died probably Mai 2009

We've took Floh together with her sister Laura from the regional animal shelter.

Laura was always very homely - Floh was the absolute opposite... she loves her freedom over all.

For Floh it was absolute normal to disappear each spring and summer for several weeks or months -
she went gone and doesn't appear.. not even for feeding.

Certainly we were aghast and expected the worst when she took her "holidays" the first time. We were
searching day and night - but she went gone...

She teached us the meaning of "free access" as the hardest lession at all...

After some years we've finally recognized that we will never be able to educate her to a
"house cat". Her desire of freedom was endless.

So we were forced to accept her character - and we were knowing that maybe some day she
won't come home again...

Each year she disappeared for several weeks - the maximum were 9 weeks in which she was hidden.

But each autumn she came back - most time peaked and crashed with vermin; often injured and sick.

In Oktober 2008 our vet made the diagnosis of CNI; but with the according medicine and
change of food she felt fine.

At 19. May 2009 she took her annual "summer holiday".... and didn't came home again.

All operations for searching her were unsuccessful.

I'm feeling very sad - no one knows what happend to her.

Certainly we hope that she must'nt had to much distress.

But we are having the assurance: she died in the same way as she was living -
as a cat in freedom.

She accompanied our live for so many years; she will have a place in our heart for ever.

IC Dana Blue av Thy
born 24. Februar 1997 - died 17. Juni 2009

my sweetheart,

my hearth is filled with pain - we've lost you...

we knew, that the time will come - but farewell won't get more easier because of knowing it...

When your hyperthyroidsim was diagnosited - we were rather confident; there
is medicine available against this problem.

But your body didn't accept the medicine and we were aghast - without medicine there
was no alternative solution for your state of health.

Every time you've got a new surge we were trembeling and shivering - but you were
always a very strong lady!

After each low point will come a litte success; we were happy about every day on which
your weight was rising up again.

But when your general condition became more and more worse each day - first I disavow...
after some days I had to admit that we are reaching the end of our common way.

It is not easy to become this decision - but it is important for me that you will not have
to suffer and have a lot of pain in your last days.

So you've went to the land of Nod, surrounded by your family.

My dear Dana, we've spend many years together - and we've made a lot of experiences
together; lots of pretty things, even as mourning and sorrow.

All this made a strong bond between us.

And I'm glad and grateful for everything we had together.

You are going on living in your children, your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

You will never leave our heart.

born September 1993 - died 24. September 2008

Our beloved Laura left us....

She died on a kidney failure.

In February 1995 she was suffering on a toxication with a kidney failure. The vet told us, that it is not known in which measure the kidneys are damaged - and no one could tell us, if or how long Laura would be able to live...

But Laura was a very strong lady - and we are very thankful, that she was allowed to live with us this long time - in spite of her handicap.

Laura was the keeper of our house - she was always around and attending us on every step.

We are missing her so much - we lost a friend and part of our family.

IC Guilyana av Myrkwid
born 24. Februar 2004 - died 04. März 2008

I can't believe it... life is not fair at all...

Our wonderful black-smoke beauty had left us.

After the visit of a cat show three of our cats were getting sick - we don't know what kind of infect it was. All cats had recovered - only Guilyana didn't recover at all.

Her condition became more and more bad - as a result of the infection she got an inflammation of her vitals.

We've tried everything that was possible to stabilize her, to heal the inflammation - but medical science was powerless.

So we could only deliver her from the torments of a coma.

My heart is filled with pain and tears about this needless loss

Guilyana was a wonderful cat - big and strong and full of love and faith.

We will miss her infinite. We will keep her in our heart for ever and ever.

EC Gloa Augustdatter av Thy
born 13. März 1999 - died 13. August 2006

Today our beloved Gwynnie was crossing the rainbowbridge.

Secret and unrecognised cancer was creeping in her body.

During all the time we were hoping for a treatable sickness. At saturday afternoon our vet told us the horrible truth: she is suffering of cancer in her liver - and there is no hope for her...

The last night we spent together in the awareness that this are the last hours for us togehter in this life...

Early Sunday morning we went the last, hard steps together.

We are missing her undescribable. She was absolutely unique; her love without restrictons, her spirit...
We've lost our diamond.

She will always keep her place in our heart.

".... and she is playing with angels..."

Fabienne Soelfaks av Myrkwid
born 25.06.2003 - died 26.03.2004

Today my sweet little sunshine went gone... and now here is only darkness and pain...

Fabienne went over the rainbowbridge... she died because of falling down and at the strong injuries inside her body.

Now here it is very empty and silent... I can't believe that she is really gone...

I can feel her presence everywhere around me... she was so unique - I can't describe it...

My little sweetheart... I'm missing you so much... life isn't fair at all... and I love you with all my power... and I will never forget you.

Hommage to a good friend
Orchidee vom Bachtelblick

BORN 25.06.03 - DIED 03.08.2003

loved... feared... full of hope... fighted... and finally lost...

My sweet little darling,
today we've lost our biggest fight...
you were so brave during the whole time and I was full of hope that we will get over now...
But unfortunately it wasn't like I hoped...
We had only 5 weeks together; but you were so unique - I'm thankful for every day we had together.
My heart is full of pain, but I had to let you go.
So I send your sweet little soul back to god... I will never forget you... and I will never stop loving you; my sweet sorrow boy...

BORN 01.05.99 - DIED 2002


My sweet little Blanka,

I can't tell you how dismayed I'am about your
unnecessary and much too early death. If I could
only turn back time... If I could change my promise...
then you would be here on earth now... and you would
be alive... So I can just put the pictures of former
and better days deep into my heart and try to get
over my sadness.


Feli               unsere grosse Katzenliebe


Dear Feli,

when we started together, you came out of nowhere -
a wonderful black-white male. You caught our hearts
immediately; we were falling in love with you.

Together we had good times but very bad times, too.
You were very very ill - and it was very hard for us
to see you suffer with pain when we have to go to the vet.

No one can imagine how glad we were, when you were
feeling really fine; you can't buy this feelings for all
money in the world.

Everything could have been so fine...

One day you didn't came home. We were very anxious.
And we were searching for you everywhere around the
place we are living but no one had seen you. In my heart
I've known, that the big terrible thing had happend...

After horrible weeks we've got the sad confirmation.
We found your dead body and we couldn't do anything
more for you than to bury you near the point you've
met the dead.

In the meantime, other cats are living here with us -
but you will always have the first place deep in our heart.