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Ute and Europa

"We" - this means Ute (born 1969) and Andreas (born 1967). Since many years, we were accompanied by one or - sometimes - more cat(s). The magic of those wonderful creatures captivated us until this day. When we've took our first apartment together, a black-white household-cat decided to live with us. During all the years, we were big fans of the different breeds and visited a lot of exhibitions in our region. 

Once we've visited an exhibition in Switzerland - sometimes in July 1994 - and there we've met our "Dream-Cat": he was a NFC... black-silver-tabby with white. We were filled with enthusiasm.

Then we've talked with the breeder a very long time about the character of the NFCs. The breeder invited us for a visit at her home - to see how this special breed is living in everyday life.

It last a rather long time, until our "Dream-Boy" was born... 18 months later! But he was really worth to wait for him... on X-mas 1995 our Bjoern-Soelfaks av Thy moved in.

In December 1996 we've took part at our first show, together with Bjoern-Soelfaks and our Purzel. So we were infected with the "cat-show-virus"... and since than we are visiting shows in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg.

At May 1997, Dana Blue av Thy moved in our home and in July 1998 we've decided to breed NFCs. Our first litter was born at September 1998.

As you can read on our homepage, we don't have many litters each year. We will never do more than 2 litters in one year. We are small-scale breeders and will go on in this way.

We are living in the opinion, that every kitten and every litter must be able to enjoy our full attention. For us it is very important to give our kitten a good character - it is one of our goals in breeding.

Because of this, we use a big part of our holidays for the rearing of our kitten. And for us it is rather normal that a cat is allowed to stay with us when he/she is getting

And for us are all our cats - no matter how old or Norwegian Forestcats or houscats - part of our family. They earn all our respect and we are responsible for their welfare.

We hope that you enjoy our sites!