Here we are living:

We are living in Ahldorf - a part of the township of Horb - at the edge of the valley of the Neckar. Horb is a part of the administrative district of Freudenstadt, near to the black forest.

Ahldorf is a calm and contemplative village with ca. 900 inhabitants. Here we are living together with our cats in a free-standing one-family house with a garden.

The black forest is a rather big region in the south-west of Germany that reach from Karlsruhe in the north near to Basel in the south - and from the valley of the Rhein (the border to France) until to the river Neckar and the beginning of the Schwäbische Alb at the east side.

This unique place (big coniferous forest, rather endurable temperatures during the summertime - but a lot of snow and really cold weather during the wintermonths) inspired us to our cattery-name:

"av Myrkwid"


In the "Edda" the meaning of the word "Myrkwid" is getting
translated with:

"Dark Forest"

"Black Forest"

 "legendary Forest in the south"



The nearest township   


our district town: